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Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) Programme

The EIR Programme is our flagship platform dedicated to identify, educate, equip and invest in founders that are ready to build purposeful enterprises. We believe purpose enterprises are businesses or establishments that provide solutions to social challenges, turning societal problems into business or impact opportunities.

The Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) training programme is an 7-week hybrid entrepreneurship training designed to elevate entrepreneurs for success in building purposeful businesses and organizations.

Why the EIR Programme?

Eridan seeks founders who have problem-solving or value-adding ideas, at either concept level, viable product level or existing business. As a part of our unique venture development processes, we created the EIR programme as a platform where experienced instructors, and mentors who are successful entrepreneurs and business professionals can impart knowledge and skills that will enable potential founders to start, grow and scale purpose enterprises.

The Process

APPLY – Talent Identification

Like in the search for a precious treasure, we find you, you find us.

LEARN – Training

We equip you with knowledge and connect you to the right community.

RELEARN – Internship

We place you in a position to practise.

GROW – Onboarding

When you choose to cobuild your enterprise with us, we help make your dream a reality.


About Eridan

At Eridan, we build enterprises that combine impact with a profit business model to thrive at global scale.

Who is a Venture Builder?

Venture Builders are the latest innovation in the enterprise and startup development ecosystem. A venture builder is an organization dedicated to systematically producing new companies, which it helps grow and succeed.

As a venture builder we leverage our internal team, resources, ecosystem, methodologies and management capacities to co-build and scale, with founders and CEOs, ventures that thrive at the intersection between impact and profit.

Programme Period and Mode

This year from October 25, the EIR training programme will be held for 7 weeks till December 12. The programme is divided into two aspects.

  • Virtual Attendance (6 weeks) -The orientation session will kickstart online with other sessions and engagements which will run for the period of 6 weeks.
  • On-site (Physical) Attendance (Last 3 days) – Participants are camped together for the¬† last 3 days (December 10-12) of the programme for an immersive learning experience.

Modes of Learning:

  • Self paced learning.
  • Case studies and group reviews / presentations.
  • Pitch practice.
  • One-on-one with mentors.
  • Learning from VC4A Academy.
  • Guest Sessions.

Programme Evaluation & Graduation

There shall be tests and examinations after each module, series of assignments on business case studies, enterprise development projects (group and/or individual), hands-on entrepreneurial mindset and leadership quality assessment, idea presentation and pitching sessions.

The faculty shall use two weeks from the end of the training programme to evaluate the programme and appraise all the successful graduates of each cohort, based on the above listed criteria. After the training, successful  candidates based on performance shall be inducted into our EIR programme to co-build purpose enterprises with us.

Graduation takes place at the last week of the programme, in the same physical location with all the students camped in the designated location. Students are awarded certificates after successful completion of the program.

Who makes it into the Entrepreneur In Residence Programme?

Anyone that has an entrepreneurial spirit and is willing to learn and relearn.

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