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Founders’ Orchard

Life and Enterprise Coaching by Shirley Staten and Donald Comer

Theme: Getting SMART With Your Venture

Venue: Civic Hive, 42 Montgomery Rd, Sabo yaba 100001, Lagos

Date: March 3, 2020 | Time: 4:30 pm


About Shirley Staten

With over 30 years of sales and customer service experience, Shirley has a proven track record of recruiting, hiring, training, coaching and developing leaders. As a customer service and sales professional Shirley is committed to coaching small business owners and sales professionals to execute strategies that include customer service techniques to improve overall service levels, efficiencies and ultimately sales.

Shirley’s professional background includes sales rep, sales mgr/director and customer service mgr. Although her titles include Mgr, she always considered herself as a coach by adopting strategies and techniques used by her favorite two basketball coaches, Pat Riley and Coach K.

Her education and professional development includes Executive MBA from W.P. Carey school of business at Arizona State University as well as countless hours of training and development courses offered by her previous employers.

Her success as a coach has been validated by the number of former employees who still seek her advice and guidance on major personal and professional decisions.

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