Exceptional Founders

Exceptional founders anywhere in the world are smart individuals with bright ideas. They are visionaries and easily distinguished from others by their spark. A spark being a specialized skill set, an area of excellence, or domain of expertise. Exceptional founders anywhere are exceptional performers.


At Eridan, we believe collaboration is the new competition. Our founder’s orchard brings together a unique and diverse group of exceptional people who are passionately driven with a vision to create solutions that impact and transform societies, cutting across different sectors and industries. We are creating a community of highly resourceful, passionate and visionary founders who meet with other exceptional founders in the Eridan ecosystem to co-build impact-driven growth ventures.

The Orchard Process


When you apply to join our orchard of exceptional founders, you will receive a confirmation letter of acceptance from the Eridan team if admitted.


You will be invited to Eridan founders’ events, where you get the opportunity to connect with other exceptional founders.



When you make the key contact, Eridan guides you, your cofounder, and your startup through the process of ideation, product & business development, launch and commercialization.


Eridan remains dedicated to building ventures from scratch into growth businesses. Eridan will structure these businesses to be positioned for acquisitions, mergers or management buyouts.

Who makes it into the Eridan Founders' Orchard?

Are you an ambitious person who can be resilient and will be committed to being part of a promising venture? Do you have what it takes as shown below? If yes, apply here.

Ambitious professionals who are capable of leading projects and managing teams. Preferably people who have previous entrepreneurial experience.

If you are skilled and passionate about leveraging digital marketing opportunities to grow businesses… You are in the right place!

People with experience in large alliances and partnerships. Sales experts with the ability to manage the development of a startup venture.

Specialized programmers in web development, mobile app frontend, and backend development. People willing to work in a startup environment and assume the role of Chief Technology Officer.

Web/app design specialists. Creative people who want to start a product from scratch, make it grow and evolve.

Responsible for managing the company’s administration, implementing the business plan, budgets, and establishing workflows.