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  • Fidelity – This is of utmost importance to us; it is non-negotiable.
  • Converted Potential – What have you done before with what you have?
  • Potential Unused – What do you want to do but can’t do because of what you don’t have?
  • Futuristic – How far into the future have you seen and what role do you see yourself playing in that future?


  • Market opportunity – Is there a market for the product/service you’re working on? How big is the market?
  • Strong on profit and impact – Is your business as equally particular on profit as it is on impact?
  • Data-dependent and driven – Are the numbers for your business thoroughly researched and grasped?
  • Tech-enabled – Is your business one where tech has its rightful place to ensure relevance and scalability?
  • Enduring Relevance – Is longevity factored into your business’s DNA?

The Application Process For Venture Building

Are you an exceptional founder with a scalable tech-enabled business idea? If yes, please follow the application process.

Step 1

Download the Eridan Business Model Assessment Template here.

Fill the template with details as applicable to your business/idea.

Submit the BMD along with your details here.

Step 2

After submission, you will receive an email from Eridan to confirm that your entry was received.

Your application may be approved or declined.

If your application is approved, you will be invited to a scheduled virtual ideation session.

Step 3

After ideation, the founder and the business will be subjected to the Eridan unique filtering process.

The founders and ventures who scale through the filtering process will be offered provisional admission into the Eridan Venture Building Ecosystem.

We journey with you all the way.


Founders and their ventures are accepted into our venture builder twice in a year.


New ventures and founders are incubated for 5 months in preparation for a Demo Day where our founders pitch to carefully selected investors.

At Eridan, we go beyond brushing your ideas or documenting solutions, we walk founders through the path of growth. We work with the team to ensure the solution becomes a reality. With Eridan, you are assured that your venture will achieve and surpass expectations. We will work to create a strong backbone for your venture to go global.

Our venture building services and investment support include:

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Tax
  • Fund raising
  • Sales & leadership training
  • Network access for potential partnership, sales leads, investors
  • Community events
  • Technology development
  • Customer experience management​

Stages Of Venture Development


  •  Concept
  •  Market validation
  •  Risk assessment
  •  Pretotyping
  •  Pre-seed funding


  •  Initial management
  •  Business launch
  •  Market testing
  •  Initial users


  •  Refined product
  •  Broad user base
  •  Proving unit economics
  •  Distribution roadmap
  •  Management expansion


  •  High revenue growth
  •  New product release
  •  Compelling unit economics
  •  Optimized sales channels
  •  Direct + partnerships


  •  Expansion
  •  New product streams
  •  Acquisitions & mergers
  •  International launch

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