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Bramble aims to raise a generation of young people who are creative, thinks critically and enjoy solving problems. Hence, it is critical to provide an environment that nurture innate curiosity and provide tools that spark creativity. One of such tools is access to technology.

In 2020, Bramble began experimenting with the idea of providing ‘internet learning in areas without internet access’. This will later be called Brambox. Eridan group has been the development partner for this initiative. By January 2021, the first Brambox device was ready for testing. The device was to be tested in Arikanki village, with twenty-five learners. However, the number of computers available would not be sufficient.

On 25th of February, 2021, the Eridan group led by her CEO, Remi Odunsi, paid a visit to Bramble’s project site. The team surprised the learning community with fourteen (14) new laptops donated by Mr and Mrs Plumptre.


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