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Welcome to Eridan,

The GO2 Venture Builder.

Founders' Orchard.

We co-build with exceptional founders… Developing impact-driven startups into growth businesses.

Upcoming Events & Programmes

Eridan Group is offering two of the most fascinating business development sessions available in her venture building ecosystem for FREE, to interested founders and entrepreneurs who are determined to take their businesses or startups to the next level!

Venture Co-building

At Eridan Group, we go beyond brushing your ideas or documenting solutions, we work entrepreneurs through the path of growth. We work with the team to ensure the solution becomes a reality, creating the impact intended for the society.
We cobuild with exceptional founders, developing impact driven startups into growth businesses.

With Eridan, you are assured that your venture will achieve and surpass expectations. We will work to create a strong backbone for your venture to go global

CoWork Like No Other

With a vibe like no other, The Eridan Community poises you to attaining your inner excellence and business growth with.

  • Membership access and inclusion in a virtual community
  • Professional networking and development
  • Events
  • Life and business development programmes
  • A co-work ambience for optimal productivity and time efficiency.

Start-ups We’ve Supported.

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