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Every position in a start-up company is as important as the company itself, but for the founder of such a start-up, their responsibilities are a bit challenging. In other words, a founder bears the brunt of the company experiences both good and bad. There is no known formula for being a successful founder as an individual is unique in their own way.

Below are ten qualities of an exceptional startup founder.


Vision is what creates the divide between exceptional founders and those that are not. Their sight and insight into the company are like that of an eagle and they take proactive measures to get to their destination. What exceptional founders do well is to sell their vision to you not what products or services they offer.


Building a startup that will scale requires focus and a ton of commitment. Focus on the goal and vision of the company is what will drive every successful founder to their desired destination.


The easiest way to become overwhelmed in business is not to know how or when to delegate roles to other workers. Exceptional founders know how to embrace the skills, resources, and knowledge of their team members and delegate roles befitting individuals’ skills for the growth and continuous development of the company.


Flexibility comes with the readiness to modify strategies and plans to satisfy the customer’s needs. Exceptional founders receive advice knowing that the company is built firstly to meet the customer’s needs.


A founder has the ability to go through the wall to ensure the success of the business. Businesses are not created without hindrance, so, it takes a lot of perseverance and passion to watch the business scale and grow.


In the bid to sell their vision to people all the time, founders are constantly converting people as a result of retelling their stories over and over again. An exceptional founder goes around evangelizing their vision to the world, making everyone a believer.


Exceptional startup founders are known to be optimistic. During the times of failures and setbacks, they have this confidence that helps them through those times.

Creative and Innovative

Exceptional startup founders are known to live more in their heads. They are always asking the question “What if?” because they are creators and inventors.


Most startup founders are self-starters. They are willing to start from scratch and take initiative without waiting to be motivated.


Lastly, many founders are experts in their field, but they often must continuously modify new concepts and strategies to keep pace in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

In summary, exceptional founders are passionate about their product, passionate about solving problems and are happy to commit a decade towards their long, challenging journey.


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