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What do you think influences how everyone views and assesses the organization you lead? Do you think it is something you can control or rather beyond your influence? Actually, dear founder/CEO, it is very connected to you—being the leader. This is so because every organization is defined by the quality and manner of its leadership. Your role, as a leader, and how you play it determines everything about your organization—right from survival to its growth, to its longevity.

Your responsibility is to inspire your team to realize the organization’s vision. Your competencies should be effective enough to steer the organization to spot and maximize opportunities that make for the fulfillment of its aspirations. In doing this, you are to be resolute to pull through the tough and challenging times, as well as maintain your focus and guard it against today’s ever-increasing distractions. Your discipline to match your strategy with execution as well as inspire the same throughout the organization should be second to none.

Though no one has it all as a leader and there is no winning formula for achieving that, you have to put in the work required to ace your job. You want to learn, think and skillfully lead your organization to amazing success despite the uncertainty, constraints, and instability that stare you in the face.


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